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Qualified signature - possibilities and uses

What can a qualified electronic signature be used for?

Capabilities of qualified electronic signatures

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In Poland, as in other European Union countries, qualified electronic signatures are widely used in many aspects of professional and private life. Here are some examples of where qualified electronic signatures can be used:

  • Public administration: Filing letters, declarations, applications and other documents to state and local government offices, such as through ePUAP (Electronic Platform for Public Administration Services).
  • Court proceedings: Filing pleadings and other documents in court proceedings electronically.
  • Taxes: Submission of tax returns and other documents to tax authorities, such as through the e-Declaration system.
  • Public procurement: Participation in electronic public tenders, submission of bids and requests for tenders.
  • Legal services for companies: Creation and signing of commercial contracts, articles of incorporation of companies, minutes of management and supervisory boards.
  • Banking and finance: Entering into bank agreements, executing financial transactions, submitting loan applications and other banking operations online.
  • Insurance: Conclusion of insurance contracts, submission of statements and applications in the claims process.
  • Health care: Issuing electronic prescriptions, test referrals, and sick leave (e-ZLA).
  • Education: Submission of application documents to universities, signing of work contracts, assignment contracts with teachers and lecturers.
  • Ecommerce: Entering into commercial contracts, confirming transactions and orders in e-commerce.
  • Business: business registration, changes in the National Court Register (KRS), filing of financial statements.
  • Remote work: Signing employment contracts, civil contracts, statements and other employment-related documents remotely.

A qualified electronic signature in Poland is therefore a tool that significantly facilitates and speeds up many administrative and business processes, as well as enhances their security and reliability.

ication of the identity of a person using electronic public services. It is free, available to any Polish citizen and uses a basic level authentication method.

A qualified electronic signature, on the other hand, is a paid service that enables a higher level of authentication. Its advantage is the ability to confirm the identity and compatibility of data from different sources, which guarantees a higher degree of security. The weight of a qualified signature is equivalent to a handwritten signature and has evidentiary value in court.

In summary, the use of a qualified electronic signature is a strategic step towards the future, allowing you to operate legally, efficiently and protected in the online space. If you prioritize authenticity, data protection and international acceptance of your documents, this is an option worth considering. It not only simplifies day-to-day procedures, but also opens up opportunities in the modern digital world, where traditional barriers are disappearing and trust and protection are becoming key.

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